Forms behaviour

Hi tester!
Thanks for taking the time to help us out. We want to know how the form below behaves with different assistive technology. We like you to test a few different constructions (in 6 sets).

We use this data to improve WordPress for all users. At the moment we are working on the settings screens in WordPress Admin, to make them as accessible as possible. This is a first test, so see how good/bad things are and what needs to be improved.

Note: the form below has no submit button, we are only interested how the form itself works for you.

We like to know:

  1. Can you navigate to each input field or select option
  2. Do you get good feedback on what you must select or fill out
  3. Can you fill out the fields you want
  4. Can you select the options you want
  5. If you have remarks, please let us know too

And about you:

  1. Which device did you use (desktop, tablet, smartphone), and which type
  2. Which browser did you use (and if you know, which version)
  3. Which assistive technology did you use (and if you know, which version of software)

Everyone who joined the test, thank you! The results are published on

The test form

1: Name

2: Favourite type of donut

3: Favourite sport

4: I like the following beers

5: I like the following movies

6: Some complex constructions

That's it!
You're awesome!